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Grumpy Buffalo Bulls’!

Blog # 8: Grumpy Buffalo bulls! Our first bush walk had exceeded all my expectations and as the morning moved along, so did our number of encounters, with wild animals! We were ambling quietly through a large area of tall thatching grass, looking carefully everywhere...

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On foot with an Elephant bull!

The moments that followed seemed to drag on, as we summed up the situation and the potential immediate danger that we were now in. We were so close that we could actually smell the Ele and listened carefully for any sudden movements from him. Our Guides and Trackers remained calm and signalled for us to retreat from the scene towards a very large Fever tree that grew beautifully about 20 meters from us. The idea was to secure substantial cover and avoid any confrontation. Well, that was the idea and a good one at that.

As we began moving, the Ele heard us and came out the thicket to investigate these unfamiliar sounds that had rudely interrupted his morning snack. We were now literally caught between a rock and a hard tree, without cover and in no way, safe. What happened next remained with me forever.

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Our first Bush walk!

Now that the rules were ingrained in us, we started our much-anticipated bush walk. Twelve eager beaver’s completely excited and a tad nervous at the same time. For me, it was my first time on foot in a game reserve where the Big 5 roamed free and I was ultra-keen and enthusiastic to learn from the experience but most of all, enjoy it.

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The important basics of a Bush walk!

The important basics of a Bush walk! Our first week went off well and we were introduced to many new experiences, that were both interesting and rather intimidating. One of those was the day that we went on a bush walk which turned out to be one of the most rewarding...

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Zinkwazi Camp

Zinkwazi Camp After a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing time at the dam, we headed to the main training camp, called Zinkwazi. This African name means the “Place of the Fish Eagle”, in Zulu and duly named as such, because of the resident Fish eagles living close by....

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Early Sunrise Bumble to the Dam

Early Sunrise Bumble to the Dam As promised, our Trainers were true to their word and there to pick us all up, just before the sun began to rise and shower the earth with its radiant beams of light. The Trainers casually asked how the night had turned out, with a...

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Nightfall of Day 1

Africa’s blazing sun began to set and as the shadows grew longer and disappeared into the night, we all looked at each other excitedly, but along with the dark, an obvious hint of trepidation, by the Trainees, lingered in the cool air. Lucky for us, Dinner, was a...

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In the beginning

In the Beginning: I was in the United States of America when I decided to come back to the sunny shores of beautiful South Africa, to for fill my childhood dream of becoming a Game Ranger. The decision was quick as I suddenly became aware of an overwhelming desire to...

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Kirkman’s Kamp

Marvel at the spectacular views of the unspoiled landscape that surrounds the Sand River from each of the 12 guest suites.

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Bataleur Camp

Here, at this romantic and private camp, guests can experience an unsurpassed wildlife experience.

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Chobe Under Canvas

Live out the adventure of a lifetime as close to nature as you can get in the relaxing solitude of the African landscape.

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